Communication to all Staff Students Sponsors and Parents – Covid 19

Dear Students, Sponsors, Parents and Staff OFFICIAL EDUCOR RESPONSE TO THE COVID-19 VIRUS PANDEMIC The President has declared certain measures be implemented as per his address to the nation last night. In keeping with this proclamation and aligned to global and local precautionary measures, the executive team of Educor issues this communication directed to its […]

Educor Official Communication – Level 1 of Lockdown

News post

ALERT: COVID-19 REMAINS A SERIOUS THREAT We are reminded that the Coronavirus remains a serious threat to health and life despite South Africa having recently moved to Level 1 in its COVID-19 strategy. Health and safety protocols must continue to be strictly adhered to if a resurgence of the disease is to be averted. Level 1 has […]

Revised Academic Calendars & Assessment Structure for 2020 Academic Year

Revised Academic Calendars & Assessment Structure for 2020 Academic Year Since the commencement of the nationwide lockdown in March, all on-campus activities were suspended due to the health and safety risks associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of the pandemic required alternative plans for students to continue with their studies and Central Technical […]

Educor Letter to Parents, Sponsors

LEARNING AND TEACHING GOES ONLINE The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the national lockdown has disrupted the start of the 2020 academic year and the continuation of the academic programme. This communication serves to provide you with a brief update on how we continue to support our students remotely so that they may keep […]

Student letter

Dear Students We hope that you are staying safe during the national lockdown. We thank you for your continued support and understanding as we all work together to beat Covid-19 and to successfully complete our 2020 academic programme. As your institution of choice, we have spent this week dedicating our time to providing you with […]