What’s new with Virtual Classes?

We hope you are staying healthy in these unprecedented times. As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered our but like all past crises we are confident that in working together, we will overcome and prevail. As we continue with remote learning, we hope you are transitioning as smoothly as possible.

Educor Letter to Parents, Sponsors

Partial Re-Opening of Campuses Under Lockdown Level 3
The purpose of this letter is to provide you with information on the partial re-opening of campuses under Lockdown Level 3.

Engaging Online

We encourage you all to engage with the learning activities on myClass and to chat with your peers and your lecturers!

Making the most of myLibrary

Making the most of myLibrary. Dear Students, What is it? This is your online, digital library that you can access via your Student Portal.

Self Care for Students

Dear Students We understand that there is a lot of anxiety, stressors and uncertainty during this unprecedented time. In order to support your emotional and mental health, we have selected these important thoughts around caring for yourself and your wellbeing during COVID 19

Educor Letter to Parents, Sponsors

UPDATE: IMPACT OF COVID-19 VIRUS ON THE HIGHER EDUCATION SECTOR For over 50 days we have been living in a time of national lockdown. These are extraordinary times as all South Africans, and other nations, confront the threat of the Covid-19 virus. The lockdown was extended to 30 April 2020 on Level 5. On 1 May 2020 we moved to lockdown Level 4.

GO! Digital Planning Your Learning Guide

Virtual Classes Participation Guide. As an online student right now, you are responsible for contributing to the online learning space in a positive and friendly manner.

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