Innovation in Engineering

This article will provide you with a fascinating insight into the future of technological innovation, and how it has and will change our lives.

This article will provide you with a fascinating insight into the future of technological innovation, and how it has and will change our lives.

Technology – The Future

We have seen a sharp rise in the use of technology in the last decade.  From the Internet of Things to self-driving cars and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Virtual Reality and Virtual Assistants have changed how we interact with technology today.

The role of engineering in tech innovation

Engineers are the masterminds behind much of our new products and technological innovation. These are creative individuals with exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. The engineering profession can be sub divided into four specialties. These include Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Utilizing Maths, Science and Technology, they revolutionize areas of our everyday lives. 

The Internet of Things

We enjoy its benefits daily, but have you ever questioned the mechanics of the Internet of Things? The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a physical network of objects using sensors or unique identifiers (UIDs). The intention is to connect and exchange data over the internet. 

The importance of IoT

The IoT has shaped life today. We have the ability to connect our devices for seamless communication and data transfer. From our step count of the day to pictures from your night out, connectivity is the common factor. Your smartphone connects to your smartwatch, car, laptop, and more. Mechanical Engineers play a pivotal role in the infrastructure of the IoT.  They develop the infrastructure which ensures smooth interaction between hardware and software. 

Artificial Intelligence

We often hear of AI and how it’s revolutionizing the world, but what is AI? Artificial Intelligence refers to theories, and techniques used to develop algorithms. The end goal of the algorithms is the ability to mimic human cognitive activity. 

AI in Business

AI is becoming increasing popular. Businesses are opting to use it to record, learn and analyse data. This data is then used to predict market trends, consumer behaviour patterns and more. The intention is to optimize the decision-making process, product strategy, and increase turnover. The geniuses behind this life changing innovation are Artificial Intelligence Engineers. These are creative, analytical, and agile individuals. They use their skillset to draw on business insights and heighten success. 

Solar Power 

Global warming, natural disasters, and pollution, all driven by the burning of fossil fuels for energy generation. The answer to a sustainable future: Solar Energy. Solar energy generation refers to the use of the suns heat to generate electricity. 

“Charging” ahead

This technological innovation has come a long way in the last decade. 

The market for solar energy has expanded tremendously. South Africa’s market being the largest on the African continent. The dire need for a more viable way of life, not to mention, the cost effectiveness, has sparked this growth. Solar Engineers are the masterminds behind the implementation of this technology. In recent years, we’ve seen a sharp rise in the demand for solar engineers, and a shortage thereof. Looking to the future, this demand is only going to increase. Advances in technology will make solar power generation more accessible.